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Friday, November 16, 2012

Three Aftermarket Items for Jeep Lovers

Greetings, Jeep Lovers!
When it comes to accessorizing, Jeeps in general and the Wrangler or will give any A-list celebrity a run for the money.  As with any incredibly popular product (iPhone, Barbie, Harley-Davidson), a number of accessory options develop, as people want to personalize and equip their belongings.  There are so many options available some people don't know where to start.  Before you pick the right wheels, tires, bikini top or stereo package, there are a few important items you may want to give thought to.

Spare Tire Cover -There are 100s of versions of these, everything from your favorite cartoon characters to company logos to custom made versions that have whatever you want on them.  Looks aside, however, the real benefit to these are that they protect your spare from the elements.  Rust, road debris or salt from winter roads are not what you want reaching your spare.  As a side note, when you have your inflated to proper air pressure, be sure to include your spare in the cycle. 

Bumpers - There are a number of alternate bumper/protection add-ons that you can choose for your Jeep, depending on what you plan on doing in it.  There are thick, projecting loops known as "Bull Rings" that can include a skid plate, both of which may be useful in protecting the front of your vehicle should you choose to do some off-roading.  Other versions can include light guards to stop limbs or other debris from hitting the grill or corners of the Jeep, should you be trekking through high brush that could whip or snap while riding.  Rear versions may modify or strengthen the spare tire mount, allow for towing or reinforce the corners of the vehicle.  Take your time, look through the options and determine both what will be useful and what will give you peace of mind. 

Recovery Gear - One particular front bumper version is known as a winch shelf.  This is a bumper with a container built into it to house a particular recovery tool known as a winch.  This is a powered coil of wire that may be rated to different strengths, in terms of pulling power.  Should your Jeep get bogged down in mud, water, snow or sand and require recovery, simply shift to neutral (or keep in drive for particularly difficult snags), pull the cable out, attach or loop around a stationary object, and turn on the winch.  It is designed to slowly move your vehicle forward without causing unnecessary damage to the vehicle or the surroundings. There are even versions that have remote controls to make it easier to use. 

That's all for now, sports enthusiasts...but there's lots more where these came from!  Enjoy your Jeep, keep in touch and have fun shopping for accessories.  Remember, it's hard to put a price on peace of mind, and you can go as far as you want to down this road...we'll highlight more products in the future.  Thanks for reading, stay safe out there!
J.M. for Lahti's

Friday, November 9, 2012

Emergency Car Kit - Don't Leave Home Without It!

Greetings, Jeep Lovers!
This past week we were hit with snow and sleeting rain here in central Mass.  True, the storm never reached epic proportions this far from the coast, but then again, most people living in the tri-town area have to commute for work.  A friend was stuck driving home from work after the snow had changed to sleet.  His trip includes time on the 495 and Rt. 2.  He saw cars on the side of the road, others having a lot of trouble making safe progress, even an overturned flatbed truck.  This is when we are happy that Jeeps seem to have just the right amount of weight to be stable, as well as the four-wheel drive to maintain traction and secure driving.  Once he got past a certain point on Rt. 2 he had no problems.  That's New England for you...concentrated messy areas surrounded by large areas of natural beauty. 

So we know Jeeps rock...and we know winter's tough around here.  But there is something we can't account for: chaos.  Another friend flipped his truck going 20 mph and hitting black ice which carried him over an embankment.  It was very early in the morning and normally no one is on the road at that time.  Luckily a police car was right there at the time, because the officer had just had a very similar problem!  You may have heard of the woman who went off the road and wasn't discovered for a week.  She survived on a packet of peanut M&Ms and melted snow!  I love my Jeep and have no doubt that it would take a lot to get me off the road and in trouble, but what ifs can be scary.  That's why I have an emergency kit in my car!  Here's some ideas for items to include in yours.  Believe me, it's a weight off my mind, just knowing it's there!  You can make your own for under $100, but in the event of an emergency it will be PRICELESS.

- Toolbox (to keep everything together and tidy)

- Emergency Blankets
- Ponchos
- Handwarmers
- Duck (duct) Tape

- Glowsticks
- Flashlight w/batteries
- 50 Pk of Tea Light Candles
- Sterno Cans
- Lighters
- Waterproof Matches

- Tow Straps
- Fix-A-Flat

- Freeze Dried Food Packets
- Bottled Water
- Five Hour Energy Drinks

- Advil
- First Aid Kit
- Potable Water Tablets
- Hand Sanitizer
- Any vital medication

You can add to these suggestions, of course.  Perhaps an axe, rope, tent or saw?  Whatever makes you feel comfortable, but I think this is a great start and isn't so expensive that it can't be replaced if lost. If you or someone you care about is going to be on the road this winter, this might make an excellent holiday gift.
Until next time, stay safe!
J.M. for Lahti's Jeep

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Announcing...I Heart Jeeps! The Lahti's Jeep Blog!

Only in a Jeep.

As the oldest off-road vehicle/SUV brand in existence, the go-to means of travel for soldiers in WWII and a vehicle that has become so much more than a form of transportation for millions, there is a lot that can be said about Jeeps.  That is why, as of today, we are starting a blog.  Here’s the sort of things we will be talking about:

  • Jeep related activities, such as;
    • Workshops
    • Off-road driving courses
    • Places to go, things to do
  • Ideas for outfitting Jeeps with accessories
  • Sale items
  • Occasional personal stories
  • Lots of Jeep love regarding the feel, ride, attitude of being in a Jeep
  • Anything else of interest to jeep owners

We’ll be open to suggestions, and love to hear what you have to say.  We’re a close knit group…there’s not a lot of car owners that wave to each other.  So stick around, check us out when you have a chance and keep in touch!
- JM for Lahti’s