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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Jeeps-mas!!! Gifts for Jeep Lovers!

Greetings, Jeep Lovers!
Today we're going to have some fun!  The holidays are here and you know what that gear!  One the best things about driving a Jeep is the community of awesome people and businesses that have built up a community around a fabulous brand.  Let's just sit back and talk Jeep for a bit, who knows, maybe we can solve that pesky present holdout issue?  Of course, there's always the "one for them, one for me" approach.  You may want to employ that as we get going...

Holiday Deco
Ornaments?  Oh yes, there are Jeep ornaments gallore.  Styles include: traditional bulb, flat cut velvet and more.  Don't be afraid to deck that tree!  There's also a decent collection of holiday cards for mailing to friends and family, reminding them that you're a Jeep lover and they should be too!

Stocking Stuffers
Stocking stuffers are small gifts that don't cost an arm and a leg.  We found Jeep stockings to hang by the chimney, as well as great little gifts to stuff them with.  Jeep mugs, key rings, magnets, jewelry (think Jeep dogtags), belt buckles, bottle openers, phone cases, novelty license plates, bumper stickers and more.  Many of these items can be had for under $15.

Small Gifts
In the under $25 category you'll find t-shirts, gym bags, hats, pocket knives, coaster sets, toys and games.  When you progress up the ladder to the $50 gifts, sweatshirts, towel sets, novelty signs and remote control Jeep toys join the mix.  I even found a Jeep Holiday Baking set, complete with cookie cutters, an apron and a novelty tree!

Gear Level Gifts
As you ease closer to $100, things become less novelty and more utility.  You can get some pretty sweet gear for 100 bucks.  Things like heavy duty floor mats, metal tool boxes, seat covers, window rolls and jack mounts.

Above and Beyond
From there the sky's the limit.  If you want to surprise your Jeep lover with a new bull bar or light kit, by all means go right ahead!  With a little creativity you could assemble quite a gift pack...maybe combine some of the items we talk about here with off-road driving lessons or a trip to a great driving location.  Have you considered a pack of car wash tickets to keep that Jeep looking sparkly through the salt and slush season?  You could also plan a Jeep-cation for later in the year, or load up the skis and hit the slopes (and snow banks).

If you support the Shop Local movement, come on in to Lahti's Jeep and we can talk Jeep gifts for as long as you'd like.  If you are doing your shopping on line, there's tons of great places to find Jeep gear. comes to mind, but just about any off-road or car part supplier worthy of the title will usually have a section designated to Jeep parts and accessories.  Remember, half the fun is in the hunt!  Get out there, page through the catalogs or sit at home in your PJs, scrolling thru the internet for the perfect gift.  Just have fun with it!  Until next time, we're wishing a very happy, safe, rubber-side-down holiday season to everyone.
- J.M. for Lahti's