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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fun Jeep Facts

Originally called GP for military General Purpose vehicle, Jeep became the new name in the late 1940's from the cartoon Popeye's "Eugene the Jeep". 

The SUV Cherokee model was meant to depict the civility and the ruggedness of the Native American Cherokees.

The military GP's (Jeeps) were initially produced by three companies- Willys, Ford and Bantom

The word Jeep is used as a common term for any 4-Wheel Vehicle in several countries across the world.

The company reverted to the classic round headlights for the TJ after people raised an outcry against the square lights.

The fenders on the earliest Jeeps were flat and not rounded like the later ones were. That's where the name "flatfender" originated from.

An old battered Jeep survived two beach landings and ended up receiving a Purple Heart.

Do YOU know any fun facts about Jeeps? Share with us!

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